Friday, August 10, 2012

Friday Library Updates: The Good and the Bad

Good morning and cheers, internet! It is Friday. This feels excellent here in NYC, and I suspect everywhere else.
Frostbite (Vampire Academy, #2)
WOW this cover is bad news.
But CC has seen past it!

The good news is Crazy Camper just finished the first Vampire Academy book by Richelle Mead. It was a big hit and she is ready to get involved with the rest of the series. She was a bit distraught when book 3 arrived electronically before book 2, but Frostbite is now in her possession. Huzzah for a good book and the weekend!

The bad news. I am TRYING, TRYING, for the sake of science/the blog world/my own determination to see things through to read Rapture by Lauren Kate. It is not easy. I know we here at YAF & WS love to hate the Fallen series, and it in part inspired this blog's mission "to point out the crazy that is YA fiction" but Luce is getting under my skin. Gah! Wish me luck!

To end on a happy note, on the way to Zum Schnieder's to pretend we were in Germany last weekend (go there! go there!*) and we passed my local library! I demanded this picture. Goosie Mama and I proudly present my little local library, Tompkins Square. Happy weekend and happy reading!

*unless you are a real YA. Then I suggest the coffee shop over the beer garden.


  1. ADRIAN SHOWS UP IN FROSTBITE. FYI... he's mine. And I never got past Fallen, although I have Torment (is that Number 2? I have number 2) on my kindle. And I want to go to the beer garden AND the cofffee shop.

  2. Who is ADRIAN? I am excited... I had to leave my Nook at home today so I wouldnt be tempted at my desk to close my office door and read!

  3. Oh, how I love me some VA...

    And wow, good luck on Rapture. I'm not even going to attempt that one. Y'all are some strong, strong ladies.


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