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WELCOME to Young Adult Fiction & Whiskey Sours!

This blog was started by four twenty-somethings friends looking to reconcile their lust for young adult fiction with the fact that they are real adults with real jobs that have the legal ability to go to a bar.

Our consumption of fiction has increased exponentially since we all ate our words and bought e-readers (side eye to Sweet Tea who is still a Purist).

To give you a feel of how these reviews will come to be, here's our review criteria (in no particular order) all on a scale of 1-10:
  1. Originality - 1 being you find our you're a wizard and are living under the stairs/a wardrobe leads you to a different world, ie, it's been done. 10 is you've discovered a new plane of existence - and we're cool with it.
  2. Absurdity - ranking the ridiculousness of plot development, love at first sight and general teen angst
  3. Level of Paranormal Romance - are you half human? Great. Is a fairy in love with you? Even better.
  4. Level of Harry Potter-ness - both a review of the use of magic abilities and quality of prose; note this is entirely dependent on reviewer.
This is not an exhaustive list, so read on for more ridiculousness.

P.S. A special raise of our whiskey sours to Lauren Kate's Fallen series (and Lucinda Price, who we love to hate) for pushing us into action in creation of this group-blog.

Review Policy
Requests from authors, publishers and publicists to read and review a book, an advanced copy, or host or post a guest spot are absolutely welcome. We do our best to review every book we read, but we cannot guarantee every book will be blogged about. Nonetheless, we are equal opportunity readers! We try our best to give fair, balanced reviews, even though we tend toward the goofy side. Lastly, we do not accept monetary compensation for reviews. We are in it for the love of the game, eerrrrrrr, book.

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