Saturday, April 21, 2012

Review: Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs

This video teaser created in part by Ransom Riggs sums up Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children better than I ever could:


1.     Originality – 9.  This book just kept taking sharp turns, and while set in a relatively normal premise, things quickly unravel into a world of ghosts, time warps and loops and seriously bad bad guys. I was on my own and right spooked at points in this book. And the photos? I couldn’t even look at them at night. I was sleeping with the light on a few times and the next day work productivity suffered immensely.  Sorry Company.

2.     Absurdity – 5. Absurd, but in a pretty normal way if that makes sense.   I found the most absurd to be the Level of Paranormal Romance (see LoPR Section following).  I think the second most absurd thing are the main character's parents and their minor roles in the story- who would really let their child who they think is having a mental breakdown wander around an island alone?  They have obviously never seen any episode of LOST otherwise they would have stayed in groups. At all times. 

3.     Level of Paranormal Romance – 3.  A weird three.  There may be a ghost who falls in love with the main character who was once in love with his grandfather who he resembles… I just think that we could have left the teenage angst out of this one, because the rest of it WAS SO GOOD.  Let us just run amok in time and place and fight scary bad guys and call it a day.

4.     Level of Harry Potter-ness – 2.  No magic in this, and though there is a school for special children, these are not like Hogwarts kids.  Freaky is the theme here and while Harry had his freaky aspects, Miss Peregrine's kids woul destroy Hufflepuff in a Feak-Off.

This book is incredibly unique, had me on the EDGE of my seat/bed, and made me feel like a scared kid at times as I tried to figure out who were the good guys.  And since Grad Student told me the author is buddies with John Green, I can't lie, I would like them both to come over to my apartment for a drink, some olives and cheese,  and perhaps a game of Pictionary. 


  1. My neighborhood book club read this awhile ago. I wasn't planning on reading it until my husband acquired a copy. The book is too pretty not to read (even though the pictures ARE creepy). I was weirded out by the romance, too, until I realized that this book is going to start a series. They're totally going to encounter teenage Abe out in the real world, and then the weirdest love triangle ever will follow.

  2. Your review makes me want to run out and get this book--nice work. And these comments about the weirdest love triangle ever are HILARIOUS even if it makes me feel uncomfortable.

    I also want IN on this hypothetical dinner party. I would contribute Cheesy Corn Dip and my terrible drawing skills.

  3. This book sounds fascinating! Although the creepy pictures would probably freak me out ;)


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