Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Top Ten Tuesday: Book to Movie Adaptations-- The Good, the Bad

The Life of Pi
Happy Tuesday! Happy Top Ten Tuesday! Happy list making! Today's TTT, hosted by the always fabulous The Broke and the Bookish, is a fun one: the best and worst movie adaptations of books. We had fun with this one. What made your best list? We want to know before our next Redbox visit. :-)

Grad Student:
  • Golden Compass (Crazy Camper agrees)
  • Even NK being glam can't
     save  this movie
  • Jack Reacher (it just fell flat)
  • The Life of Pi (those colors! gorgeous!) 
  • The Kiera Knightly Pride and Prejudice. Love or hate her as Lizzie, you cannot deny that score. It is beyond lush and romantic (Crazy Camper says "Hate Kiera Knightly. Will always love this movie.")  
Crazy Camper:
  • The Hobbit- they took a great book and made it mind-numbingly tedious.  There is only so many times Gandalf can whisper to a moth for eagles to arrive and save the day...nevermind, we have two more parts to sit through.
  • The Perks of Being a Wallflower- I thought this was an amazing adaptation.  
  • All of the Harry Potter movies- all of them, were just the best book to movie transformation ever. (Goosie Mama concurs: "Harry Potter obviously just wins everything - they were all so amazing!")
Goosie Mama:
  • LOVED Perks of Being a Wallflower - amazing and that kid who plays the lead makes my heart flutter!
  • I really liked Warm Bodies! ( PS. So did I, GS. And that soundtrack is killllllller).
  • The last 4 Twilight movies ... But then again they didn't have much to work with in terms of material. (Crazy Camper didnt even realize there were that many... and she read the books)


  1. Clearly HP is in the forefront here. I can't imagine anyone doing a better job of adapting such a detailed series whilst still keeping the magical feels of Rowling's wizarding world. It can't be done.

    I, too, loved Warm Bodies (both book & movie). I thought the book had a slightly darker tone to it but the movie was just too quirky and fun!

    As far as worsts go, definitely Twilight (the first movie especially) and The Golden Compass. I'd also like to nominate Eragon and Percy Jackson to the list as well!

    1. But Zac Efron Lite (aka the kid from Perks of Being a Wallflower) makes Percy Jackson passable.

    2. Ya know, as much as I wasn't a fan of the first Percy Jackson movie, I will probably watch the sequel. So far, it's looking pretty bad a**!

  2. The Harry Potter movies were fabulous!

    Ah, yes, Twilight. I was tempted to put those films in my WORST list.

    Great post!


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