Friday, July 26, 2013

Friday Library Updates: Book fails, also known as DNF

We will read just about anything around here, but once in a blue moon, we just cannot. finish. a. book. Recently the stars aligned and this happened to both me and Crazy Camper in the same weekend. Luckily we were also in the same place, so rather than wallow in bad books, Crazy Camper and I hung out with our mom in the backyard and she summarized the end of my book fail (Having someone who can tell you want happened and spare you a bad read, which she confirmed was the case, is a win.). Dead Ever After by Charlaine Harris will go down as a Did Not Finish. I feel sad to leave Sookie this way, but maybe her story should have been buried (pun!) earlier.

(On a plus side, the cover designs remain delightful)
This is the inside of the front cover.


  1. Sorry you had to DNF this, but you are right. Great cover designs!

  2. I'm terrified to even bother picking this one up, though I can sufficiently say I'm not really surprised. This has been coming for a long time, unfortunately!


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