Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Group Read Update: Get Ready for The Book Thief!

We hope you have picked up a copy of The Book Thief and are jazzed for the first-ever YAF and WS group read. Get a hold of Marcus Zusak's celebrated book and join us next Thursday, January 31st. We are excited (and I am the only one not done with the book yet. Yeep!)
                                                        (Check out all of these friends reading together. We love it)
If you want to post your own thoughts at your blog, that is **awesome** and just let us know so we can put up links celebrating the together-ness of the internet.We will be answering our regular categories of Originality, Absurdity, Romance and Harry-Potterness (aka quality of overall book). If you want to do your own thing or even address the questions at the back of the book, go for it. It is just nice to think of people reading and thinking together about a great book.


  1. AHHH I'll try to read it this week. We'll see if I get to it! I hope I dooooo!

    1. I hope you do-- I just finished it last night and it was ammmaaazzzzzzzing.

    2. I started last night and am a third of the way through. I plan to finish it and post on Thursday. OMG it is so good so far. But I feel like I am going to bawl my eyes out at the end. WHAT HAVE YOU GOTTEN ME INTO???


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