Monday, October 22, 2012

MISSING: Reward if Found -- Born at Midnight by C.C. Hunter

I recently moved to a new apartment, which traumatically ended my previous library subscriptions on my Nook MIDREAD as soon as I changed my license.  BUT also allowed me to join a new library that, hold on people, is open on SUNDAYS.

I will let that sink in.  1 to 5 on Sundays.  Be jealous.

So, excited, I went and promptly picked up two books, one being Born at Midnight by C.C. Hunter. I got about 80 pages in..... and I lost it.  The book was last seen in a backpack after a white water rafting trip, and along with my fake-camping-coffee creamer, is just totally MIA.

Not only will I have to pay for this at the library (unless it miraculously appears while I keep renewing it) I don't know what happened.  So YAF and WS Readers I need your help- Has anyone read Born at Midnight by C.C. Hunter?  If so, and you would be generous enough to tell me what happens, perhaps you could even give us a YAF & WS review?

I need to know, and please, send me some lucky-finding skills please.


  1. I hate when this happens. Hope you find it! And... don't be jealous, but my library for the last year has been open on Sundays. What up!

  2. my library is CLOSED Sundays. It is sad. I am not surprised CC lost a book, she is excellent and well-practiced at "misplacing" things.

  3. As it always is, it will probably appear after you pay for a new copy. Good luck finding it :)

  4. I've never thought how good I have local library has cut hours (though they're back to 9pm again at the moment) but has never closed down for Sundays. There's another one in our county that is closed on Thursdays randomly, but I don't know any that are closed on Sundays around here.


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