Monday, October 29, 2012

Hello Frankenstorm, How Do You Do?

Central Park being awesome on Sunday.
Hello, readers! While the entire eastern seaboard is battening down the hatches, there is a silver lining to Frankenstorm- it basically requires you to stay home and read.

Crazy Camper is stuck here with me in NYC after a weekend of TRULY EPIC PROPORTIONS. This involved everything from speakeasys to the Staten Island Ferry to Chinatown, Central Park, and beer cocktails in the EV. Goosie Mama also made an important cameo Friday night! Yay for YAF & WS being together in real life!

This afternoon after a hilarious attempt at a kick-boxing workout video (CC is not coordinated for these types of activities  we are going to get down to the business of the reading Shadow of Night and The Raven Boys side by side on the couch. Thanks, storm-generated house arrest!

Be safe all, and I hope you got a trip to the library in pre-storm.

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  1. I'm totally not upset about the storm just yet. We'll see how I feel when my internet goes away, though. Have fun! I went to a speakeasy when I was in NY and it was awesome. :)


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