Sunday, June 16, 2013

Review: The Battle for Arcanon Major The Lost Dacom Files #1 by Alexandra May

I was lucky to get my hands on The Battle for Arcanon Major, The Lost Dacom Files #1, by Alexandra May, which is a sequel of sorts to Elemental.

“As daughter of our ruler I grew up in the crossfire of an ongoing war... All I’d ever wanted to be was a great warrior and ultimately lead my people into victorious battles."

With only a small army at her command Halika Dacome, a skilled warrior and daughter of the Elemental King, is ready to lead one final battle to save her planet. A battle against the savage, bloodthirsty Primords who want to extinguish the diminished race of Elementals once and for all.

But before battle commences her father is given an ultimatum from the enemy leader, Arfron Uhnok. If the king agrees, Halika Dacome must marry Arfron Uhnok to prevent further bloodshed. If the king disagrees they, as a race, will all perish.

Horrified by her fathers decision Halika Dacome leads her army onward regardless of the consequences. Because her heart belongs to another. A love that blossomed many years ago. A love that her father has forbidden.

Halika faces her toughest battle yet and learns that not all battles are those fought with a sword...

The Battle for Arcanon Major is an epic love story set against the backdrop of war and is the first Prequel to Elemental: The First

Now things are making some more sense....

Originality: 9- This new world we are in is complex, with multiple races, planets, and wars.

Absurdity: 5- some wild plot twists and sabotage happen, but really all things considered  this is not the absurd parts.  Its like GoT meets teenage sci-fi here.

Level of Paranormal Romance: 8- This book is part war part love story, with maybe more of an emphasis on love?  While I love some good romance, I was pretty into what was going to happen in the battle and kept thinking to myself, more war not love!

Harry Potterness: 7- I liked this book actually much more then Elemental, which I found confusing and one giant cliff hanger, thank GOODNESS for explanations and resolutions.  I almost think reading this one first might help understand the plot!

Overall, I am glad that NetGalley let me get my hands on this- now we are waiting on the sequel not only to Elemental, but also to this book!  Two intersecting plots, two storylines, and twice as many books.  Something to look forward to!


  1. Okay, so I was confused. Two different series but in the same world and one is a prequel series. oooooooookay. Intersting. I hadn't heard of these, but they sound cool and I'm glad you liked them enough to be excited for the next in both series!

    1. I am still sorta confused too I cant lie.. but once you get to the immortal characters you can understand how the storylines transcend planets and times!


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