Monday, April 22, 2013

Which YA Series Is Your Next Hunger Games–Level Obsession?

Thank you Vulture once again for keeping us entertained:

Which YA Series Is Your Next Hunger Games–Level Obsession?

Head over to Vulture to give it a try... we all certainly did:

  • Grad Student on Goosie Mama’s FB wall: MY personal favorite question was 

    about how  much I  wanted romance in my books.... I went with "Are you kidding right 

    now" and got myself to Delirium.  This is pretty funny.

    Grad Student: to clarify, I played with it again. I got Delirium. Again.

    Crazy Camper:  I had a hard time not getting Delirium too! Finally got to City of Bones and Maze Runner

    Goosie Mama: I GOT THE FAULT IN OUR STARS - John Green and I really are meant to be ... sigh!

    Grad Student: How many of these do you THINK I have read?

    Goosie Mama: That's not even a question ...

    Goosie Mama: clarification: ALL OF THEM

    Grad Student: TRUE STORY


  1. So I've read City of Bones, Divergent and The Maze Runner and though I enjoyed them, none of them lived up to THG series for me. Perhaps I should take some chances with John Green and/or Delirium because the others failed to blow me away.

    On a side note: I kept getting The Maze Runner. Perhaps it's because my sarcastic nature prevents me from wanting love in my books. Sigh. I think I'm doomed.

  2. The question that says "How picky are you on reading levels?" with the answers: "I am aware that I am reading young adult" and "I need more polish" Is kind of offensive. I mean.... seriously, there are a ton of poorly written adult novels and some fabulously well written teen novels. WHAT THE HELL?

    Also, I got TFIOS... I'm not sure why that is an answer choice tho? I feel like more people have read TFIOS than the Hunger Games... but maybe they're equal.

  3. I got Divergent, which I knew would happen as soon as I said that I would rather jump off the building, and then make out. As a side note, I am still angry about the casting for Divergent.

  4. I got Divergent, but I've already read all of these books. I just did this for fun. Divergent was my favorite. I just finish "The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer" and it's sequel, "The Evolution of Mara Dyer" by Michelle Hodkin. I can't wait for the the third to come out. It's the best series I've read since Divergent (which I finished about a year go). It's different though, not a dystopian. I'd call it a supernatural thriller. I highly recommend it.

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