Friday, April 5, 2013

Forgotten Young Adult Novels

Today NPR is running a story how a new publishing group will be re-publishing "forgotten young adult novels".  Interesting right? The first book up for publication is Lois Duncan's Debutante Hill:

When all the families on the Hill decide to launch their daughters in an elaborate debut season, beautiful Lynn Chambers is delighted. With her best beau, Paul, away at college, it will make her senior year less lonely, for this will be a time of elegant parties and dances. But when Dr. Chambers refuses to let his daughter participate in this display of snobbishness, Lynn finds herself ostracized from the community in which she grew up. Tense and frustrated, she mistakes Paul's gener for infidelity, and sick with a sense of isolation, allows herself to become involved with a shiftless young man from the wrong side of the tracks. Her new sense of compassion, based on her feeling of not belonging, teaches her to understand and help the confused boy, and when she and Paul are reunited, it is with a more certain, more meaningful understanding.

I am intrigued by this idea, and to be honest, would probably read this book: debutante balls, shiftless young men and meaningful understanding?  bring it on. (and I had to look up "gener", but it is not in my dictionary...)

From l., Dodd, Mead's 1958 cover forDebutante Hill by Lois Duncan,
and the upcoming Lizzie Skurnick Books edition.

Happy Friday all!


  1. I LOOOVED Lois Duncan as a teen and pre-teen, but I've never heard of this one. And I have NO idea what a gener is.......????

  2. haha this is hilarious, that they payoff for the romance will be more "meaningful understanding". That sounds frighteningly PG.


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