Friday, April 12, 2013

Divergent by Veronica Roth, the Film!

A little late to the game, I just read Insurgent and Divergent, as reviewed by Goosie Mama and Grad Student a year ago.  MAN were they right! THIS STORY IS COMPELLING AND AWESOME.
If any of you are behind like I was, this is a reminder to READ these books, especially with the casting of Divergent beginning!  Most importantly we now have a Four: Four running, Four mildly confused by a question (though I am not sure this has ever happened to him) and Four with a horse in a top hat? Thanks Downton Abbey for that one.


  1. NOT what I had in mind. I was thinking....shorter? darker, floppier hair?

  2. I was late in the game reading these books also (in fact I just reviewed both on my blog!), but you're right: such a great story, I'm only sad I waited so long! I don't know if I expected Four to look like this, but I don't have complaints really! Love the Downton Abbey picture! haha! ;)

  3. OMG I didn't recognize him from Downton Abby! I can't even decide if I like this casting or not. O.o

  4. I'm okay with this, but overall I am not a fan of the casting choices. I've been wrong before though, so we shall see...


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