Friday, May 18, 2012

Friday Library Updates

Yesterday, I went for a run. It ended at my neighborhood library. I picked up  Starters by Lissa Price and A Beautiful Evil by Kelly Keaton. Success! 

Waiting to check out, the girl in front of me (in her school uniform) was trying to explain a book to the librarian, who was searching the database. She explained it had a "circle with a flame in the middle" and the librarian mumbled "mumble, Roth, mumble." I came to the rescue!! I asked "Are you looking for Divergent?" "YES!" said the little girl. I told her how good it was and recommended she get a hold on Insurgent while she was at it, since it was so popular. She took my advice, OBVS.

YAF and WS, changing the world one YA reader at a time! HAPPY FRIDAY PEOPLE.

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  1. Hahaa, look at you, saving the world one book at a time!


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