Friday, May 4, 2012

Friday Library Updates

I arrived at my parent's house on Wednesday and my Mom was all, "Hi hunnie, I saw the new Sookie  Stackhouse at the library, so I picked it up for you." And I said, "Gee, thanks!" Then I came into the kitchen to this:
MOM IS AWESOME. Then I turned the books over and almost died: 

I followed her around the kitchen holding this to my face pretending to be Charlaine, but she would not participate (we could BOTH do it with our Mommy and Me books). Moral of the story, Mom didn't want to have to fight me for Deadlocked. 'Cause shiz would have gotten real fast. I told Crazy Camper, and this is the g-chat conversation that followed:

 Crazy Camper:  can you finish it so i can take it home? [CC comes to NYC this weekend. Huzzah!]
 me:  its a lib book
 Crazy Camper:  SOUL CRUSHING
i could mail it back?
 me:  7 day loan- sorry to be a dream crusher
 Crazy Camper:  library book woes

Meanwhile in Insurgent library news.... Goosie Mama needs to GET HER ACT TOGETHER because I am #130 on the list* to get Insurgent  by Veronica Roth from the NYPL. And that list is not getting any shorter. Goosie Mama is a much bigger fan than me. What is she thinking!?!
(Note: We are hoping the library buys like 80 more copies of this book. They do that sometimes, because libraries are awesome.)


  1. I want to read Deadlocked, but the description has me fearful. Plus it appears to have a lot of vampire Bill in it, and I can't stand him. So I eagerly await your review!

  2. IT's happening ... or correction, i put myself on that list about 35 seconds ago. TOBIAS HERE I COME!


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