Thursday, March 29, 2012

Tamora Pierce- Protector of the Small Quartet: Coming up for air

I am midway through book three and taking a breather to check in. The premise:

This is the tale of Keladry of Mindelan, a girl who wants just one thing: to copy the feat of her hero Alanna the Lioness, and win her knight's shield.

As a young teens, GradStudent and I LOVED beyond belief Pierce's Alanna and Wild Magic books. I think they were the first series we ever owned every book of. Recently, I saw a friend reading the Protector of the Small series and she immediately lent them to me when she saw the expression on my face.

To be clear, I am too old for this series. When it starts, Kel, our heroine, is 10. TEN. As it has been many years since I was 10, maybe I am wrong, but these are the oldest 10 year olds ever. So I pretend they are not, just to make it easier on my late-20 something self. I have been crushing through these books, happily returning to Tortall and Pierce's world in a very self-indulgent way. Currently on book 3, Squire, and not stopping anytime soon.
  • Originality: Well, its hard to say, since it is VERY similar to the Alanna books, but I am going to go with Tortall as a whole, and I give it a 5. Nothing like quasi medieval magical fantasy to get me going.

  • Absurdity: 5, this is accepting the world of magic and Immortal enemies of centaurs and spidrens. My absurdity ranking is due to the fact that she is TEN and I dont know any ten year olds killing grown bandits. But I also don't know any bandits...

  • Level of Paranormal Romance: 1, so again, there is not romance paranormal or not. But in book three, at the age of 14, hints of crushes are beginning to emerge. YA book with no romance? Why am I still reading this? O wait, cause it's awesome somehow still.

  • Level of Harry-Potterness: 5, like Harry Potter, fans of Alana will fall right back into the world of Tortall and do so happily with many of the same characters guest staring in this new series.

Overall? I am only mildly embarrassed to say I am enjoying this series incredibly. I may need to look back at the other series soon too. Am I bringing this on my climbing trip this weekend? You betcha.

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  1. AMMMMAAAZZINNNG. I am NOT embarrassed that you are reading these. JUST PROUD.


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