Monday, March 26, 2012

Inevitable Hunger Games post

Hello, hello! To balance the POV of Young Adult Fiction and Whiskey Sours on HG v. Divergent I have a story. I went to Spain last spring with Crazy Camper and some other peeps and we all read  Hunger Games in such a major way, without being able to stop, (there was lots of public transit involved) that it became a verb. We Hunger Games-ed things. If you got really hungry and couldn't stop eating cheese, you Hunger Games-ed the cheese. There has been NO Divergent-ing in my life. Hunger Games for the win!

Now that that is out of my system (for the moment) I wanted to share a good article over at New York Magazine's Vulture blog. What Got Left Out of the Hunger Games Movie, and How Much it Mattered. This is a great recap--its like the journalist followed the people I saw the movie with down Second Avenue cribbing notes.  WHERE WAS THE LAMB STEW, WORLD!?!

Things that should have been said in the Hunger Games movie:
“up you go, Catnip” and the entire post-HG interview.

Best additions:
Saucy notes from Haymitch and flashes to Gale every time Peeta and Katniss kiss. I think someone shouted “oh, snap” in the theater.

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    I agree...there was not enough post-games stuff. Like where was the oh-so important conversation in which Peeta realizes Katniss was just using him for survival?!


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