Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Waiting on Wednesday: The Kill Order and When the Sea is Rising Red

This week here at YA Fiction and Whiskey Sours, I have TWO Waiting on Wednesday wish list items. (WoW is hosted by Breaking the Spine and is a weekly meme that features books we are looking forward to). What's that? It is true. I have more than one book I want to read. I hope you didn't fall out of your chairs.

The first WoW I am actually hesitant about because I am still in a fight with Mr. Dashner re: the ending of The Death Cure, as noted in yesterday's Top Ten Tuesday on Dystopian worlds. WHY WERE WE LEFT WITHOUT ANY SHUCKING (wink wink Glader word) SATISFACTORY ANSWERS? I have hope that The Kill Order will give me some answers, since it tells the story of how the sun flares seared the earth and people all over got sick. But I just love those Gladers, so I hope I can like this world without them.

The second book I am waiting on this week is When the Sea is Rising Red by Cat Hellisen. 

"After seventeen-year-old Felicita’s dearest friend, Ilven, kills herself to escape an arranged marriage, Felicita chooses freedom over privilege. She fakes her own death and leaves her sheltered life as one of Pelimburg’s magical elite behind. Living in the slums,  scrubbing dishes for a living, she falls for charismatic Dash while also becoming fascinated with vampire Jannik. Then something shocking washes up on the beach: Ilven's death has called out of the sea a dangerous, wild magic. Felicita must decide whether her loyalties lie with the family she abandoned . . . or with those who would twist this dark power to destroy Pelimburg's caste system, and the whole city along with it." ( via Good Reads).

Look at all this good stuff! A magical elite! Vampires! Faked murders! Having to do the dishes! (kidding, not my favorite). What is everyone else waiting on?


  1. My God! Could The cover of When the Sea is Rising Red get anymore beautiful/creepy? The plot sounds great as well. May have add it to my TBR list. Excellent post :)

  2. Very, very tempting! Exciting covers...thanks!

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  3. Can't wait to read When the Sea is Rising Red! Great pick :)

    New Follower :)


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