Friday, February 17, 2012

adventures in reading in public

This is hilarious. I saw this at the bookstore the other day, and while this applies super-well to those who ride public transit, I always check out what people are reading. Like the time I saw a hipster boy on the L train in clear plastic glasses and cropped pants reading James Joyce-- SIGH, so OBVIOUS. We know, you live in Brooklyn, its hip, your beer is cheaper, etc. etc. etc. Which leads to one of my favorite Hipster Puppies post ever (see below).

What books would you rather have hidden on your nook, and which do you want to share with the world? I know for a fact that when Crazy Camper was reading Game of Thrones on the D.C. Metro people LOVED to ask her about it.

penny fears kindles because “then how are people going to know what you’re reading?”[via kaitlyn k]
penny fears kindles because “then how are people going to know what you’re reading?"

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  1. Metro, planes and trains. Young men across the Atlantic coast wanted to know what I thought of it....


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