Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Waiting on Wednesday: The Reviled by Kait Wall

The Reviled (Grim's Soldiers #1)
On a particularly unpleasant early November morning, January Ingrom dies violently by the hand of her employer. Lucky for her, this wasn't the end. Death himself offers her a deal: he'd give her back her life, if she'd agree to participate in his "experiment". Become one of his Soldiers, charged with helping or hindering the balance of life, and she'd have powers beyond her imagination. She just had to take the deal and leave her eternal peace. So she took it. Of course she did. She was dead, she wasn't insane.

However, getting her life back wasn't quite the blessing it was supposed to be. January has discovered the dangers of cultivating her powers in the form of the Reviled, people who will do anything to rid the earth of those who took Death's deal.

Things are further complicated with the arrival of the handsome Noah Franklin, a mysterious bounty hunter sent to retrieve her by her murderous employer. But when the Reviled send one of their monsters on a violent rampage through her home town, January has no choice but to work with Noah and other Soldiers like her to find a way to stop it before it destroys her and everyone she loves (GoodReads)

This first book in the new Grim's Soldiers Series by Kait Wall is due out in Jan 2014! I like the tone of the blurb. The Reviled has a weird cover, but it fits right in with my fall paranormal/fantasy reading spree. What are you "waiting on" This week? Thanks as always to Jill at Breaking the Spine for hosting WoW!


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