Thursday, August 8, 2013

Review: The Name of the Star Revisited

Grad Student read this book way back in February of 2012. I do believe at this time I was 100% only reading Vampire Academy?  Probably why I missed it.  Recently after a tumultuous day at work, she did what all good sisters do and logged into my library account to add awesome books to my hold list.  [note, maybe we should market this.. you don't know what to read? over-
whelmed by weak main characters and bad puns in titles? GS makes a reading list for you]

On her suggestion that it would be scary, laugh out loud funny at times, and that John Green is friends with Maureen Johnson, I gave it a try.
Recommendation for the win!  And my first Maureen Johnson book!

Originality: 9.  Definitely not what I was expecting and kept you guessing... except for the fact that I kept whispering to myself "I see dead people....."

Absurdity: 7, but that it hard to escape in a story of a murdering, vengeful ghost being tracked by high school kids/

Level of Paranormal Romance:  7, high scores for making out in libraries and longing glances.

Level of Harry-Potterness:  A well written book!! Outside of plot, this was refreshing.  And the story? LIKED: creepy, funny, twists and turns, and interesting characters and setting.

As long as you can stomach some gory details, go get on it. Nothing says summer like serial killers...(?)


  1. I've had this book sitting on my shelf for ages. I'm taking this as a sign to finally read it. I love creepy and making out in libraries (did I just admit that...)!

  2. I've never read anything by Maureen Johnson other than her twitter feed (which is completely CRAY!) and ever since then, I've been itching to get my hands on one of her books. I'm not so big into the lovey dovey stuff but serial killers, well, that I can do. I will definitely be adding this one to the TBR pile, for sure!

  3. Ah yes, I LOVE Maureen Johnson. If you're into happy contemporary times I LOVED Suite Scarlet. I need to read the sequel. I've had to way too long.


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