Monday, February 18, 2013

NPR, Infographics, and Shy, Plucky, Brown-Haired Girls

Via. NPR-Today in literary infographics: Young Adult heroines are mostly shy, plucky virgins with poor self-esteem and brown hair.


  1. It is DEPRESSING how few of these ladies has strong self-esteem. We need to send NPR our list of kick-ass teenage girl heroines to set the record straight. It is totally possible to find strong female leads in YA dystopian books.

  2. DUDE HERMIONE HAD REASONABLE SELF ESTEEM. She cried when Ron was an asshole, but she was her own person and her self esteem was better than average. Also THERE WAS NO LOVE TRIANGLE. Not the way there was in the other books. WTF?!?!?!?!?

    Also... did the person who made this not read the book? CLARY HAS A BROTHER! That s where the DRAMA comes from.

    Also, does it matter if they are virgins? It is okay to have a protector sometimes. The Host is an adult novel and HP (at least when Hermione is 11) is MG.

    Okay, I'm done bitching. Thanks for sharing. :)

    1. I LIKE your response. I am not sure the NPR person read all these...they should have asked a blogger to do it!

    2. I agree! In addition, Katniss wasn't necessarily white. She had a tan complexion and dark hair, so she could have been Native American.

      This infographic wasn't completely true and yes, while I agree it's sad that many of these ladies have questionable self-esteem, that doesn't always mean they can't still kick some ass and come out stronger for it in the end!

  3. bella is not a virgin


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