Friday, February 15, 2013

Friday Book/Life/President Updates

SO I have this enormous application due today, but Crazy Camper and I still managed this conversation. Are we twenty-somethings slightly hungover from Valentine's Day, or 15 year old girls who manage to discuss the president, John Green, and Four from Divergent (in less than 75 words)? HARD TO TELL SOMETIMES. 

(To set the scene....Crazy Camper has just shared this gem) (from John Green's Tumblr
Crazy Camper: WERE YOU AWARE THIS HAPPENED!?!?! P.S. Divergent is killing it!

Grad Student: OH MAN it’s amazing
Grad Student:  PS happy to hear you are liking Divergent. Did you meet Four?
  Goosie Mama and I have STRONG differing opinions on Four.
Crazy Camper: WHAT I ADORE HIM
  Like Four is currently being brainwashed in the control room
  and her dad was JUST SHOT trying to get there [emphasis on epicness]
GS: WHAT I am so anti-Four
  I love him!

(And then I blog the crazy and run back to my application......)
Procrastination much? DFTBA book blog people, and happy Friday!


  1. I wish I could put this in a Harry Potter style moving frame, and have it on repeat.

  2. Duuuuuuuuuude... that video was the beeeeeeest.

  3. When I watched the google hangout, I wasn't sure if I was more excited for the president or John Green...


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