Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Top Ten Tuesday: To Be Continued Series

Top Ten series we have not finished. Sometime we don't finish a series because our TBR lists are crazy-long, and sometimes it is because we don't believe in self-harm. I usually have a very strong OCD-ish urge to finish series, but I am trying to talk some sense into myself! Thanks to The Broke and the Bookish for hosting Top Ten Tuesday!

Goosie Mama and Grad Student:
1. Soul Screamers series by Rachel Vincent. I am procrastinating. There is no good reason. Tod! Love!
2. Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead (SORRY CRAZY CAMPER I SWEAR I WILL).

Grad Student:
3. Morganville Vampire series by Rachel Caine. I liked the first book well enough but I am overwhelmed by how big the series is (is it 8 or 9 books) there is too much other stuff I want to read to commit here.
4. The Caster Chronicles by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl. I felt this series took a turn towards "Snooze Town" halfway through book two. BUT since the trailer for Beautiful Creatures is made of awesome, I might give it another try.

Crazy Camper
5. "Because it is awful" re: Fallen series by Lauren Kate.
6. Game of Thrones series by George R.R. Martin- "they are so long, I have commitment issues."
7. True Blood series, aka Southern Vampire series by Charlaine Harris. "I think I liked Sookie best before the vampire war and New Orleans escapades." 
8. Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan.  (see previous mention to commitment issues) THEY ARE SO LONG. SO COMPLICATED. SO MANY.  Now these are amazing fantasy tomes, with crazy named characters and plots and worlds and 100% pure fantasy.  But in grad school, other then Twilight, these were the only fiction books I read.  And I needed a break. And then I forgot who was who.

Goosie Mama
9.  I'm going to do a throw back and admit I've never finished the Twilight series (babies with teeth? No)
10. Vampire Journal series by Morgan Rice is another one I actually liked the first book and then just couldn't handle that the lead character fell in love with a vampire within 1.5 pages (about 3 hours in literary-time). I have paranormal love standards people, and I require at least a 24 hour time period to establish true love. Dammit.


  1. So interesting how for many, the problem is losing track of characters (re: WHEEL OF TIME). That is hands-down one of the main reasons I'll stop a series. It takes crazy talent to write a series where the reader cares so much about each character that s/he doesn't lose track between books or when they put the books down.

    Interesting list!

  2. Crazy Camper, I just laughed and laughed at your comments on Wheel of Time. It's so true. And I love the books so madly anyway.

    Fun list, all of you. I haven't even started most of these.

  3. I'm with you on the whole "insta-love" business, Goosie Mama! Maybe it's because I'm over the age of 16 and know that love only comes after one too many martinis! :P

    I haven't finished the Sookie Stackhouse books either, mostly because they involve a quip or two with Eric, an occasional appearance by Bill and a whole lot of Sookie doing some chores. I'm kinda bored of it at this point. I want to read the Game of Thrones books but am totally intimidated by their length! I think I'll stick with the HBO show for now.

    1. Nikki this is the best description of the Sookie books. She does do a lot of chores.

    2. Is it weird that I like that about Sookie?

    3. Thanks for validating my love requirements, Nikki!! :)

      That being said, I just downloaded Book 5 of Sookie tonight - I'm loving these books, but it might be mostly because I read them all in my head with a Southern accent. It helps!!

    4. I like Sookie but I think it's more of TV-Sookie than Book-Sookie. Don't get me wrong, she killed it (literally, HA!) in the first few books but like I said, I'm sort of ready for Harris to wrap it up here. I have my own dirty house to clean so I don't need to read about anybody else's.

      Hmm... read with a Southern accent, you say? It's bad enough I do a totally HORRIBLE Southern Belle impression outloud so my thought-version could be quite interesting.

  4. You are right grad student, they're some serious overlap in our list. Plus even though it's not on my list I also abandoned The Morganville Vampires. What can I say, I'm a serial quitter :)

  5. I want to read Soul Screamers, get on Vampire Academy... Adrian, my heart... And Game of Thrones, been 30% through the first one for almost a year now.

  6. You stopped reading Vampire Academy? Exactly how did that happen? Once you get to book three, there's no stopping! Clearly FakeSteph and I should have invited you to join our summer readalong.

  7. Hahaa, The Morganville Vampires is actually at 12 books, I think? They do slow down for a bit, but the last one was really good!

    I love you girls, so I won't lecture y'all on not having finished Vampire Academy and Soul Screamers, which are two faves of mine. ;)

  8. Goosie Mama - did you at least make it through Eclipse? I should have stopped there. Breaking Dawn didn't do anything for me, but Eclipse was my favorite of the entire series. I don't share my love for these books too often (that time has passed) but they were fun before they exploded.

  9. I have all the vampire academy books but have yet to get to them. So Many books to read on my TBR list. I stopped the True Blood Series. It went down hill.

  10. I will not be finishing Fallen either, CC! But I do hope you guys, GM & GS, finish VA!


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