Thursday, September 6, 2012

In Memoriam: Goosie Mama's First Kindle

It's been a trying week on the UWS ...

My strong, resilient Kindle Touch (less than a year old!), which has survived the wrath of my hungry cat (teeth marks to prove it), several beach outings and a lifetime on the NYC metropolitan transit system (let's get real, it probably has some sort of venereal disease) succumbed to a life lived fast and hard this past Monday by deciding it no longer wanted to do anything but display the Kindle screen of death:

It was a devastating blow, worsened only by the fact that the 4th Sookie Stackhouse novel was promptly made available on Tuesday from the NYPL - you can't download it without connecting your Kindle to your computer!!! Seriously, there were 9 people on the waitlist and it took the better part of August to get this book and NOW it arrives?!

Anyway, I digress.

The silver lining through all of this is that Amazon doesn't mess around and Goosie Mama's Second Kindle (aka GMSK) should arrive on Friday ... Free. Of. Charge. Why, you ask? According to Joseph B. from Amazon customer service, "Kindles are just supposed to work."

So fingers crossed the eHold on Dead to the World by Charlaine Harris extends to Friday around 5:00pm when I tear open the packaging on GMSK and sync the crap out of it. Until that time, I've composed this brief poem to GMFK, so that we can all pay our respects to the wondering piece of technology (and dear, dear friend) that she was:

So light and so thin,
A tech masterpiece I loved
now in eReader heaven
Watching me read YAF from above!


  1. GM, you just made me SNORT LAUGH. In the library. My fellow students think I am cray cray. Thank goodness for the wisdom of Joseph B.

    And you totally have a future as a poet.

  2. RIP Kindle, you were a good reading companion.

  3. Thanks ladies, your snort laughs mean a lot :)

  4. I seriously LOVE Amazon customer service. They got my back. Good luck with the new Kindle!

  5. It's possible that I've gotten free kindles sent to me after stepping on one and sleeping on another... and admitting it!

    I think that means Amazon realizes (quite rightly, I'm afraid!) that they make more money off of my having a kindle than having to replace it. Which is a very bad sign...


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