Saturday, January 21, 2012

Review Criteria: as dictated to Goose by Grad Student

WELCOME to Young Adult Fiction & Whiskey Sours!

This blog was started by four twenty-somethings friends looking to reconcile their lust for young adult fiction with the fact that they are real adults with real jobs that have the legal ability to go to a bar.

Our consumption of fiction has increased exponentially since we all ate our words and bought e-readers (side eye to Sweet Tea who is still a Purist).

To give you a feel of how these reviews will come to be, here's our review criteria (in no particular order) all on a scale of 1-10:

  1. Originality - 1 being you find our your a wizard and are living under the stairs/ a wardrobe leads you to a different world, it's been done. 10 is you've discovered a new plane of existence - and we're cool with it.

  2. Absurdity - ranking the ridiculousness of plot development, love at first sight and general teen angst

  3. Level of Paranormal Romance - are you half human? Great. Is a fairy in love with you? Even better.

  4. Level of Harry Potter-ness - both a review of the use of magic abilities and quality of prose; note this is entirely dependent on reviewer.
This is not an exhaustive list, so read on for more ridiculousness.

P.S. A special raise of our whiskey sours to Lauren Kate's Fallen series (and Lucinda Price, who we love to hate) for pushing us into action in creation of this group-blog.

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