Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Guilty as Charged

 Ugh, I did it again. I skipped to the end to know what happened in another book. WHY, WHY!?!?  It seems like a brilliant idea at the time. But it leaves me feeling disappointed in the long run (I have the same relationship with late-night Hawaiian pizza). Its time to find some self control STAT. So here is an apology to both Lisa Mantchev's So Silver Bright and Julie Kagawa's The Iron Knight, who I abused in such a manner this week already. Sorry for being a flaky reader, I will try not to let the next YA series down.......(you might ask yourself, gentle reader/Sweet Tea/Goose/Crazy Camper, why the heck I have had time to be reading two books at once rather than dissertating....its because I managed to lock myself out of my apartment yesterday without any homework BUT in possession of my library card. So to the library I went....and it was raining......and my stretch pants may or may not have been on inside out. SIGH.)

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