Sunday, January 29, 2012

Review: Discovery of Witches by Deborah Harkness

It begins with absence and desire.
It begins with blood and fear.
It begins with a discovery of witches.

In reality it begins as a normal book about witches that dissolves into a whirlwind love affair to end all love affairs. This book covers quite a bit of ground ( See Absurdity). And I could not put it down. As a reader of MANY YA books, the hints at and blatant surges of lust really shocked me ( but were a teeny bit welcome. I mean, didn’t we just always want Edward to just make out with Bella??) A Discovery of Witches moves fast, dumps us into a world magic, science, DNA tests, creature feuds, more magic, and time travel. What more does a girl want? O yes an extremely hunky vampire protector lover. Check Check Check.

1. Originality – 6. Daemons, witches, vampires, o my. It turns out that behind the everyday lives of humans, there is a whole world of Creatures. Diana is a witch/historian of alchemy who has denied her power. The magic exploding in blue light from under finger tips, witch water (never mind witchwind and witchfire)

2. Absurdity – 5. Pretty absurd. Moving quickly from historical thriller, to budding romance, vampire protectiveness, lessons of celibacy, uncontrolled passion, witch covens, to war strategizing this book covers it all again, all in a period of 40 days ( now that we now that Diana can time walk, who knows what other shenanigans the sequel will include)

3. Level of Paranormal Romance – 10, overwhelming ten. Over the course of 40 days (the length of time over which the events unfold), the Vampire and the Witch fall desperately in love/lust with each other while breaking a century old rule that forbids their love while knowingly starting a war to change the lives of all the Creatures. Destiny is involved, instantaneous love and devotion. At one point they become husband and wife because she tells him she loves him. And everyone is totally ok with them calling each other husband and wife. I mean, whhhhaaaat?

4. Level of Harry Potter-ness – 2. Very low. Expect for the spells and inate predisposition for magic, the only Harry Potter aspects are that sadly, her parents died protecting her as a child. Sad but true.

In a Nutshell: Diana, inadvertently attracts the attention of the Handsome Vampire Michael, as well as all the creatures in the Cambridge area by recalling a book from the library that hasn’t been seen in hundreds of years. All the creatures believe that the book contains important clues about the past and the future, and want to know how Diana was able to get her hands on it. Michael is one of those people, but falls crazily in love with Diana and decides is not the book he wants, but to love and protect her and discover whatever the secret is together. There is running and hiding and protecting, trying to discover what is it that everyone wants from the book, from Diana, etc. The bad guys keep getting closer, in England, in France, in upstate New York, Diana continues to battle them with her wacky emerging most-powerful-of-all-the-witches magic. And then, the book ends, with the lovers skipping back in time, to buy time, for Diana to learn how to really use her magic so she can fight the bad guys and win.

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  1. Crazy Camper, I think you did an good job on this review, but the total RIDIC is even at a higher plain then you suggest. I mean i think the chateau in france that belongs to a vampire that loves wine is silly, but when they end up married in upstate ny? who knew that could (or should) all happen in the same book?
    haha but i did love the sassy haunted house in upstate, and how the dead grandma kept showing back up, and how the house had lots of opinions.


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