Friday, March 22, 2013

A Non-official Book Club! Or " In Which Grad Student Drinks Wine and Eats Tapas with Friends from High School"

So this past Wednesday I met up with two lovely friends from high school to talk about Looking for Alaska by John Green. Last month we had convinced our respective boyfriends/fiances/husbands to go on a triple dinner date. The highlights of this included 1. eating dinner next to the blonde and the lady of Lady Antebellum (I heart NYC) and 2. discovering that none of us girls had read Looking for Alaska. We decided to book-club it up and in record time all finished the book.

Some notes:
  • none of us could definitely say what the characters look like. Is this good or bad?
  • one friend found the first half of the book snooze-worthy.
  • I shared that I laughed out loud on the subway at the fried burritos.
  • We had a big debate about mental health and whether we agreed with Miles's analysis of Alaska. We saw far more signs of depression in her.
  • Everybody really liked Miles's favorite class, religion. We had a nice discussion about how that class is important to the story, and both how the characters and the readers search for understanding about the book's big turning point.
 And all this happened at this cool bar The Barrel near Astor Place. Where happy hour runs all night at the bar. Which means wine. Huzzah!
This is for Enjoy :)
I still appreciate Well Read Ryan Gosling
We are going to continue on our faux book club with An Abundance of Katherines, which means it is sort of a faux John Green book club. I could think of worse ideas!


  1. I am reading Abundance of Katherines!! IT IS GREAT!

  2. I'm super jealous!!! I want an impromptu book club! I'm reading An Abundance of Katherines soon and I can't wait!


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