Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Bookish Events: A Recap of The Evening of Awesome with John and Hank Green

Here is the highlights reel from An Evening of Awesome! This was a jazzy event. (And I was very close to the ceiling of Carnegie Hall and had a nice visit with my FEAR OF HEIGHTS. Nothing like my plus-one's response, which, if we had been in private, probably would have involved crawling and crying. Way to hold it together in front of the little people, Mom.*)
  1. Carnegie Hall is beautiful and was packed. The crowd was jazzed. But also there were lots of adults, so I didn't feel like a creeper.
  2. The Green brothers came out first in tuxes, since Carnegie Hall is legit. LIKE.
  3. The leads from the Lizzie Bennett Diaries (LOVE) did a reading from The Fault in Our Stars. The part from the Ann Frank House.
  4. Neil Gaiman was a casual special guest. WHAT!?! He and John Green and two others did a reading from Paper Towns on black Santas. Hilarity ensued.
  5. Lots of music by Hank Green, The Mountain Goats (who are referenced all over Paper Towns) and someone else I truly don't know the name of, but the crowd loved it. I'm just out of the loop.
  6. If you want to exhaustive photos click here. I seriously don't think John Green tumblr fans slept last night, just blogged.
Overall, I love the idea of a sold-out show celebrating the anniversary of a book. I mean, how dorky/fabulous is that? And The connectivity of it all- John Green loves the Mountain Goats, and writes a book where their music plays a big role. Eventually he becomes friends with them and they play at his gig at Carnegie Hall. They even high-five. And John Green has fun friends like Neil Gaiman who is all British and cool (and I loved the two books of his I read!).

Evening Of AwesomeI would to have heard John Green talk more about writing/books/TFIOS, but this was a Follies production, not just a book talk. I am going to find another book talk to go to ASAP. Yay for bookish resolutions coming true.

*PS: Goosie Mama was supposed to come in honor of YAF & WS, but she is busy being eaten alive by her job so my mom came. AND GM felt so bad about it that she sent me flowers. WHAT!?! Right, I got to see JG and got flowers. She clearly is an awesome but confused friend who doesn't realize that if I wasn't a poor graduate student I should be sending HER flowers for a terrible day at work. So shout out to GM for being such a considerate friend.


  1. Awwwwwww... flowers! and John Green. I don't care how close to the ceiling you were... I am jealous!

  2. Flowers AND JG. If this was a date, I'd say, you win. Hands down.


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